The Wuhan Virus (2019-nCoV) epidemic (soon to be declared pandemic) has got everyone worried about their safety and that of their families. Rightly so, because we have seen how fast the number of infected people is increasing, although the number of deaths is relatively low in comparison (just above 2%).

However, if the infected numbers get really big, then the death toll will still be high.

For example, the Spanish Flu (influenza) pandemic of 1918-1919 infected 500 million (1/3 of the global population then) and killed an estimated 50-100 million people.

The Wuhan Virus is spreading very fast compared to the SARS epidemic (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus in 2003).

The entire SARS episode was over in 6 months (from Nov 2002) with 8096 infected and 774 deaths (less than 10% fatality rate).

The Wuhan and SARS corona viruses are similar in structure, and give similar symptoms, although

SARS was more virulent, with a higher fatality rate.

But the Wuhan Virus is spreading at a much faster rate, with over 30,000 cases in less than 2 months.

The rapid spread is also due to the timing of its outbreak just when 5 million people left Wuhan to various parts of China and to other countries for the Chinese New Year holidays. And with tourism and air travel being so popular among the Chinese, the spread to the rest of the world was


Fortunately, the fatality rate is low (2%), and drastic measures taken by many countries to curb the spread should mitigate the spread. These include the lock down of entire cities, closure of borders,

Last updated: February 7, 2020 @ 09:00

31,524 – Infected

4,825 – (15%) In critical condition

638 – Deaths

27 countries affected

14 Cases in Malaysia

30 Cases in Singapore

3 Cases Philippines


https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ banning of air travel, quarantine of suspected cases, home-isolation of at-risk cases and contact tracing.

The virus genome was identified early, and several countries have succeeded in replicating the virus.

Successful treatments with antivirals have emerged, and there are intensive efforts to produce a vaccine.

However, until the vaccine is available, and until the antiviral treatments become consistently successful, the threat of the pandemic remains.

In the meantime, we all should follow the guidelines to avoid being infected (Wash hands frequently; Use mask correctly; Have medical check early if you develop any symptoms; Avoid those with symptoms & avoid big crowds; and Never touch your eyes, nose and mouth with unclean hands).

We should also strengthen our immune defense against the virus. We must lead a healthy lifestyle, eat a healthy diet with plenty of nutrient-rich fruits, veggies and spices, exercise sufficiently and consider immune-boosting supplements.

Among the most important immune boosters is glutathione. It is needed by all the immune cells to function properly, including fighting viral infections. Studies show that many immune problems, including auto-immune diseases, are related to having deficient glutathione in the immune cells.

Pathogenic viruses are harmful by replicating in our cells, and then spreading to and damaging the target organs.

Lab studies showed that adding glutathione can reduce HIV-1 viral replication by over 99%! This may well apply to other viral infections, including corona viruses.

Some studies showed that oxidative stress (having excess free radicals) in the host can cause infecting viruses to become more virulent!

Glutathione is crucial because it is the most important

antioxidant for our cells to overcome oxidative stress.

Severe morbidity and deaths from the Wuhan Virus, just as for SARS virus, occur mainly due to the severe inflammation of the lungs. Again, glutathione is essential to prevent this as it is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

The role of glutathione is so vast in viral infections, such that since 1997 scientists knew that intracellular glutathione levels can directly predict the prognosis of HIV-1 infections. Perhaps if studies were done on other viruses, they may find the same conclusion!

In this period of uncertainty with the threat of the Wuhan Virus looming, everyone should ensure that they have sufficient glutathione.

The most efficient way to boost glutathione by oral supplementation is to take the glutathione precursor ribo-cysteine (Riboceine™), which boosts glutathione 300% better.



Out of courtesy to DR AMIR FARID ISAHAK i printed his whole article including his advise of what to buy to boost glutathione levels and his long term solution with a so called vaccine.

Many of you by now know what i think about vaccines.

What i like about his article most is of course the fact he advocates Glutathione and boosting Glutathione levels is something we at Lifewave are world leaders in .

What makes his message different is that he is one of the very few that is also giving some practical advise on how best to deal with such virus threat that is real, fake or imagined.

Thanks to working with Lifewave technology every day of the week I have of-course great reality and affinity with the master antioxidant Glutathione that he in the above article so strongly recommends .

What he does not know is that there is thanks to Lifewave technology patches a much better and faster way to get things done and boost glutathione levels (starting immediately) without having to wait days or weeks to bring your levels up.

Best of all our technology allows us to keep those levels up for extended periods of time where this would be smart action to take.

Taking his advise of supplementation or eating the correct foods is of little use if one for example already had the viral infection, needed to travel by airplane, deal with patients in hospitals (doctors and nurses) or simply go to school or work where other with a viral condition (any viral condition ) are bound to hang out.

And then you have the Glutathione IV drip option that can also boost glutathione levels instantly .

Walking around with a Glutathione IV drip in your arm is not only costly but far from realistic.

The other thing to be aware of is that with this IV method your Glutathione levels well drop the moment you remove such drip . Yes it may be a big surprise to some but your sky high levels will tumble down to your normal levels and will do so in hours.

Lifewave Patch technology to the rescue

Lifewave Glutathione patch has been demonstrated in clinical trials to increase glutathione levels by 300% overnight. The clinical trial participant where measured after 24 hours of patch wear.

With our patch technology you can expect to boost your glutathione levels instantly .

More importantly and only if need be they can be kept high for days or weeks on end.

The by Dr Amir Farid Isahak suggested way of boosting glutathione may take many weeks or may not happen at all as most people will have compromised guts and can not take advantageous of good nutrition or supplements until this gut is back in working order and can only then perform well.

Once again we can look at what Dr Loren Pickart has to say about the copper peptide GHK-cu that is already in the body. It’s this copper peptide that wearing X39 patches will improve by as much as 50%.

One of the by Dr Pickart stated benefits is that it capable of increased healing of many tissues . (Skin, Stomach, Intestine lining, bony tissue)

The other thing worth mentioning here is that according to Dr Pickart’s research GHK-cu is also capable to restore healthy function in cells damaged by Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease as well as protect lung tissue after acute lung injury.

It is apparently the lungs of corona virus victims that are suspect to attack resulting in damage and failure.

So if you concern yourself with viruses or are concerned about them then according to Dr Pickart and Dr Amir Farid Isahak there is no better way then to boost your immune system.

The best way to do so is with GHK-cu and Glutathione combined


Lifewave or its distributors make no medical claims.

The above merely points out what two eminent doctors have to say.

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