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X39 Experience Sample Program

Created by Freedom Community and LifeWave Approved.

​GET YOUR X39 Experience FREE Sample Program FLYER Today!  (see below to download flyer)
The following to be added to the DOWNLOAD soon!
1. X39 Experience Sample Program Mentoring for Success Series Audio
2. X39 Experience Sample Program Mentoring Guide Booklet
3. X39 Experience Sample Program ​Transition Flyer – to help you move prospects from the FREE 24 HOUR X39 Sample to a kit sale of a X39 PRODUCT Kit or a X39 BUSINESS Kit
– RISK FREE 30 DAY X39 PRODUCT Kit.  Bronze Kit 100% X39
– RISK FREE 30 DAY X39 BUSINESS Kit.  Diamond Kit 100% X39 – Coming Soon!  (now, recommend 20th sleeve IceWave)

FREE 24 HOUR X39 Experience FLYER
This is very EXCITING!
This will SKYROCKET your sales and your income as you help many people with the benefits of X39!
How long does it take to experience health benefits with X39®? As you know, we all are different. In fact, there are hundreds of millions of genetic differences that make you – uniquely you!
• Within a FREE 24 Hour X39® Experience, many users will experience noticeable health benefits associated with stem cell activation – benefits they can feel!
• Others need a longer period of time. With an Extended RISK-FREE 30 Day X39® Experience, everyone will have the opportunity to experience powerful health benefits using this amazing technology.
• During a 24 Hour X39® Experience, you’ll see how easy the X39® non-transdermal patch technology is to apply, wear and remove – 12 hours on, 12 hours off. It’s super-thin, very comfortable to wear, you won’t even know you have it on, and it even stays on during a shower or a swim!
X39 Experience Sample Program FLYER with Success Mentoring
1. NOTE: PDF FLYER with Editable area on BACK to add your Name and Phone Number
2. Recommend to PRINT on 70 POUND Paper in COLOR
​3. We recommend NOT using your computer printer.  We recommend taking the PDF file for a COMMERCIAL
PRINTER on a zip drive to a local printer.  Cost will be around 50 to 70 cents a copy. 
Due to all the color, using
your own printer, the cost will be much higher. 
You will use up all the ink in your color cartridge very fast!
4. We recommend to use a glue stick to attach an X39 patch to the X39 Experience FLYER
​5. To mail, use 5 3/4 X 8 3/4 Greeting Card Envelopes 
​Click below to download FLYER ↓↓↓↓↓↓
NOTE: Coming Soon!  We will have a link to order the X39 Experience FLYERS.
Until then, use the PDF links below to print at home or at a commercial printer.
X39 Experience FLYER PDF for COMMERCIAL PRINTER – V1.3 updated October 24th

Download File

X39 Experience FLYER PDF for HOME PRINTER – V1.3 updated October 24th


Download File

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